FlexBooker can integrate directly with your external Google, Outlook, or iCloud calendar to synchronize events and bookings in both directions.

What does this mean?

This means that new appointments made in FlexBooker will automatically appear in your external calendar, and also that new events added to your external calendar will automatically be added to your FlexBooker account, blocking off your availability for online bookings. You can even change the time of an appointment in your external calendar and it will update in FlexBooker, and an update notification can even be automatically sent to your client advising them of the change!

FlexBooker can also generate Flexible Schedules based on events in your external calendar - great for employees who want to easily make themselves available for appointments but have constantly shifting schedules.

Setting up External Calendar Integration

Setting up the integration is easy. Simply go to your Name Button (upper right hand side of the page):

Click on the option "Calendar Integration":

This will then lead you to a landing page where you can click on the "Add Calendar Integration" button.

This will guide you to a screen asking you to choose what type of external calendar you'd like to integrate with:

Once you've authenticated to the external calendar and verified that you want to allow FlexBooker to access it, you will be taken to a screen to customize the integration.

First, choose which calendar you'd like to sync with (some calendar providers, such as Google, allow you to have multiple calendars under one account.

Then, choose one of the three options for synchronizing FlexBooker with your external calendar. If you choose the third option, you will be asked to choose which services should be made available on any Flexible Schedules created

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