With FlexBooker you choose exactly what information you want to gather from your client when they make online appointments with you. To set up custom booking fields go to Set Up -> Customize Booking Fields.

The customize booking fields page will appear:

What information can I change here?

1) Add new fields:

To add a new custom booking field, simply click on "Add another field" (at the bottom part of the page), where you can have the option to choose what type of booking field you want to create:

For example, if you click on "Text Field" then a new text field will appear in the booking form:

Enter the label for the field (this is what will appear to your clients), choose the requirement level, and then click on the check mark in the top left of the field's box (circled in the image above).

2) Change the requirement level for fields.

There are several levels that you can choose from to indicate who is required to fill in each field:

A field that is marked as "Required for everyone" must be filled in by anyone making a booking.

A field that is marked "Required for customers" must be filled in by your clients as they book through your online booking form. It is not required by employees when they book through the logged in FlexBooker staff area, however.

A field that is marked as "Required for employees" is only required for staff members, and not for customers booking through your online booking form.

A field that is marked as "Not required" is always optional.

For email address and phone number fields there are the following additional requirement levels:

This is to provide you with the flexibility to either collect a phone number OR an email address under certain circumstances should you wish to do so.

3) Delete an existing field

To delete a field, simply click on the option "Remove Field" :

4) Re-position fields

To change the position of a field, you can drag and drop any field into a new position. Just click on the field area and drag it to the field in the position you would like this field to take up.

If you need to set up a booking field for specific service/s booked, click on the link below for more information:


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