You can absolutely allow customers to confirm via email or text for their appointment. Here are steps:

  1. You need have at least one custom booking status:

(Here are the steps on how to add and create your own custom booking status:

Upon clicking on "Save All Statuses" button, refresh the page and you will see this section shown below:

Use the drop down to select the status that the booking should be set to when the customer clicks on the confirmation link, and make sure to click on the "Save Confirmation Status" to save any changes.

2. Go back to the "Settings" page, and choose on "Customize Emails/Texts" and click on the "Booking Confirmation" label:

In the right hand side of the page, there is now a new merge tag that can be added to both/either email confirmation, or text confirmation:


The "Insert Link" button should be used to add the link:

This should allow you to add the Insert Link button:

So this should be a clickable hyperlink that once the customer clicks on that link, the appointment will be changed to the status that they've chosen as their "confirmed" status (etc).

4. The same goes with the text message, you can use the merge tag:

Make sure to hit "Save" to save any changes made.

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