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What is the FlexBooker Mailchimp integration?
What is the FlexBooker Mailchimp integration?
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By enabling the Mailchiimp integration in FlexBooker, you can easily push your contacts to your Mailchimp account right from FlexBooker at the touch of a button.

To enable the integration, go to Set Up tab -> select Integrations and click on "Email Marketing:

Enter your Mailchimp API key into the field on the page that appears:

To get your Mailchimp API key, log into your Mailchimp account and in the top right hand corner of the screen click on your user menu and select "Account" in the drop-down:

Then from the account menu click on "Extras" then select "API keys":

You can then copy and paste your API keys into your FlexBooker account to enable the integration.

Once you have enabled the integration you will see a new button in the "Customers" page in FlexBooker that enables you to push the latest contacts to Mailchimp. If you press this button you will be asked to choose the list from your Mailchimp account to push the contacts into.

Don't worry, we won't re-push contacts that have unsubscribed.

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