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Creating Packages
Creating Packages
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To create and manage your packages:

  • Go to "Set Up" and click on "Package": 

  • To add a package, click on the "Add New Package" button:

  • Fill in the information in the dialog box that appears:

This is customizable based on the following information:
*Name - name of the package

*Description - this allows you to add in description of the package, which is optional

*Price - indicate how much the package would cost

*Dates until expiry - (optional) the indicated number of days after the purchase that the package expires. If left blank, the package will never expire.

*Applicable date range - (optional) If dates are selected, packages will only apply to appointments booked between the dates.

*Package allowances - this can include either number of minutes or sessions
*You can customize the package to be used for any services/of specific services.

When you are finished, click "Save" to add the package. 

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