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FlexBooker offers live feeds of your bookings via iCal calendar feeds. These feeds can be created with FlexBooker for a specific employee, and also for all employees within your merchant account into a single feed.

The feed URL will look similar to this (although each feed you publish will have its own unique URL):

The last part of that web address is a globally unique identifier that is just for you.

If using Microsoft Office or Outlook as your calendar, then due to a non-standard way that those programs handle timezones, please add this to the end of the URL for your feed: ?forOutlook=true

Almost all calendar systems support the iCal feed published from your FlexBooker account. To import your FlexBooker calendar feed into other calendars:

Apple iPhone:

  • Go to settings

  • Choose "Calendars"

  • Under "Accounts" choose "Add Account" and choose "Other"

  • Choose "Add Subscribed Calendar"

  • Copy the URL for your FlexBooker iCal Feed into the field displayed.

Google Calendar:

  • Open a new browser window and go to Google Calendar. Click on the dropdown button (or the "Add" link in the old Google Calendar version) in the "Other Calendars" section on the left-hand side.

  • Choose "Add by URL"

  • On the pop-up, paste the URL of your FlexBooker iCal Feed in the selected text field.

  • Click "Add Calendar" to finish.

Outlook 2007:

  • Select "Tools", then "Account Settings" in your Outlook 2007 Calendar menu.

  • Select "Internet Calendars" and click "New".

  • Paste the link to your FlexBooker iCal feed in the location field.

  • Set up the display name for your calendar and/or add a description in "Subscription Options"

Apple iCal:

  • Select the 'Calendar' menu and then select 'Subscribe'

  • Enter the calendar URL into the 'Calendar URL' field

  • Click 'Subscribe' to load the feed into your calendar.

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