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Automatically Assigning Employees in Flexible Schedules
Automatically Assigning Employees in Flexible Schedules
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For companies using Flexible Schedules with multiple employees offering the same type of service, one common requirement is to automatically assign an employee to an incoming booking. FlexBooker makes this process easy. Simply head to your "Set Up" tab and choose on "General Settings" which should show you the option for "Basic Settings". Check the box shown below and save.

Once you've done that, every appointment that comes in via the online booking format will be assigned to an employee in a round-robin fashion.

Example: Two employees, Bob and Jennifer, are both available for an appointment between 12:00 PM and 6:00PM. A customer, Mike, chooses to make an appointment at 3:00PM. FlexBooker automatically looks back at Bob and Jennifer's booking history to see which of them was most recently assigned an appointment, and finds that Bob was assigned an appointment two hours ago, but Jennifer's last assigned appointment was yesterday. FlexBooker will automatically assign the booking to Jennifer.

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