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How do I block off time? (using the old calendar UI)
How do I block off time? (using the old calendar UI)
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You can easily block off any time that you don't want to accept appointments, simply by clicking on "Create New" from the Calendar Page. This is a great way to stop people booking with you during holidays, or vacation, etc.

Upon clicking on "Create New" option (at the right hand side of the page) , you can then choose "New Block":

You will then need to provide the necessary information needed to complete the process (including Staff name, Start and End time of the block):

You can create a block for either all employees ("Everyone") or for a specific employee only.

If you choose to name the block then that title will appear in the calendar.

Make sure the start and end time match the time that you would like to block and then click "Save".

You can also crate repeating blocks, by checking the "Repeat?" checkbox:

or example, to create a block every week for the next year, enter "Every 1 Week for 52 times".

And then hit "Save" Button to save the block you created.

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