How do I block off time?
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You can easily block off any time that you don't want to accept appointments. This is a great way to stop people booking with you during holidays, or vacation, etc.

  • Start by clicking on the "Create" button from the Calendar Page :

  • Select on "New Block":

Fill in the title of the block. (for eg. Vacation, Thanksgiving, etc):

  • From there, click on the date of the block from the calendar which should then allow you to click/drag on the start and end time of the block (in the day-vertical view of the calendar):

  • Click on "Save Block" to save any changes:

You can also create repeating blocks, by enabling the "Repeat?" option:

or example, to create a block every week for the next year, enter "Every 1 Week for 52 times".

And then hit the "Save" Button to save the block you created.

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