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Integrating FlexBooker with Microsoft Teams
Integrating FlexBooker with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration enables automatic scheduling of Microsoft Teams when customers book appointments with you.

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Do you meet with clients remotely? Have a Microsoft Teams account? FlexBooker can automatically include meeting details in the confirmation and reminder messages that are sent to clients. We will create the meeting right in your Microsoft Teams account, then include the conference details directly in the confirmation and reminder emails.

Here's how to get set up:

First, go to Set Up > Integrations > Online Meetings > Microsoft Teams:

Connect and authorize your Microsoft Teams account.This will prompt you to log into your Microsoft Teams account and give permission to FlexBooker to access it.

Add in special merge tags into your email confirmation and reminder templates

When an appointment is created, if the MeetingUrl or MeetingConferenceInfo tags are present in the confirmation email, a meeting will be automatically created in your account. The meeting details will replace the two merge tags you have inserted into the email template.

[MeetingUrl] will simply be replaced by a direct link to the Microsoft Teams meeting.
[MeetingConferenceInfo] will be replaced by the phone-in details for the Microsoft Teams meeting.

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