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How do I set up a check-in system in FlexBooker?
How do I set up a check-in system in FlexBooker?

Set up a system to allow your customers to check-in for their upcoming appointment

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If you operate a waiting room or lobby, FlexBooker can enable contactless check-in for your customers as they arrive for their upcoming appointment.

Customers will be able to check-in in one of two ways: you can either set up a tablet screen pointed to your company's personalized check-in page or you can automatically embed a check-in link in a reminder message to the customer shortly before their appointment.

To get started, navigate to the Setup menu and choose "Check-Ins". Check the checkbox at the top of the page to enable the check-in feature.

From here, you can personalize your company's check-in page with a logo and text. You can also choose the information your customer must enter into the check-in page to search for their upcoming appointment.

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