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Setting up Add-on (services)
Setting up Add-on (services)
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Add-ons are powerful components, that you can add to allow your clients to choose when making appointments that can increase the purchase price of the appointment and/or duration of the appointment.

You are able to create and manage add-ons to your customers, you can set this up under the "Set Up" page and choose on “Services” / Add-Ons and click “Add”-Ons:

Click on the “Create New Add-on” button:

Where you are able to set up the following information:

  1. The add-on name

  2. Description of the add-on

  3. Price of the add-on

  4. Duration in minutes

  5. You can allow clients to select from booking form

  6. Services - this can be applied to all services or certain services booked

When you are finished, click "Save" to add the new Add-on.

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