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How to add a staff or employee
How to add a staff or employee
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You can add a staff or employee to the account under "Set Up" > "Employees"

Select on "add employee" button, and that should allow to you add the following information:


*Email address (the employee would use this as his/her log in user name and all booking notifications would be sent to that email address)


*Image (you can upload the employee's photo from this page)

*Short biography/description (you can add information about the employee)

*Location (this can be used if you have multiple location and restrict the employee's access to the account)

*User access (an employee can be added as an admin or standard user, which allows you to restrict set employee's permission within the account, here are more information: )

*Notify user of new or changed bookings via email (this can be enabled to make sure that you are always on the loop for your bookings)

*Send daily recap email (If selected, this user will receive an email every morning containing the bookings for the coming week, plus all activity(bookings and cancellations) from the last 24 hours.)

*Alternate Notification Address (if you want to set another email address to be notified for any notifications received by the employee)

*BCC Notification Address (the set email address would be blind carbon copy to any notifications)

*Client Reply-To Address (you can set an email address where if a customer responds to the email, this would route to the set address)

*Transfer appointments and schedules to another employee (in case an employee leaves, you can reassign an employee’s schedule to another employee )

This button also allows you to resend the employee's invitation (to allow them to set up their Flexbooker account, access their calendar, bookings & schedules)

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