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How to configure custom Gift Card emails
How to configure custom Gift Card emails

Custom gift card emails are sent whenever a gift card is purchased. Templates are available for both the purchaser and the recipient.

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Once you have configured your account to sell gift cards through FlexBooker, you can also configure the emails that are automatically sent to both the recipient and purchaser of a gift card.

Under Setup > Emails and Text Messages, there are two relevant templates:

Gift Card - this email is sent to the recipient, informing them that someone has purchased a gift card for them. NOTE: This email is sent for digital gift cards only!

Gift Card Receipt - this email is sent to the purchaser of the email as a receipt, noting the charge that will appear on their credit card statement.

After each purchase, you can also send a blind carbon copy of the receipt email as shown below. To enter multiple email addresses, enter them separated by a comma.

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