Do you have an API?

FlexBooker has a complete RESTful API if you need to create custom integrations

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Yes, absolutely. We have a powerful API that allows you to create your own custom integrations with pretty much any part of FlexBooker!

Our API portal has a Swagger test page for you to try out all the methods, and dig into the documentation easily.

The API portal can be found here: 

The FlexBooker API allows you to securely interact with your account's data resources. For example, creating appointments, updating schedules, and viewing employees, etc. This API can be used along with the FlexBooker Webhook, which can be used to receive data payloads in real-time whenever an appointment is created, modified, or cancelled.

All API methods are secured using the oAuth client credentials flow. Please visit this link for more information. To get a Bearer JWT, call and pass in your client_id and client_secret, both of which can be provided by FlexBooker Support, along with a grant_type of client_credentials.

If you would like to utilize our API, simply drop us an email at or using the chat button in the bottom right of this page, and we'll send over the client credentials you'll need to get up and running!

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