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How do I manage and/or add a member's subscription?
How do I manage and/or add a member's subscription?

Customers who have purchased subscription plans are manageable from the Customers section.

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To manage and add a member's subscription/s, you can access this under the "customers" page > "memberships".

The system would then allow you to check all members within the account based on the member's subscription status which includes: current (active subscription), in trial (this is optional if you offered trial membership plans), expired trials (this is optional if you offered trial membership plans), suspended (failed payments for recurring charges) & cancelled:

You may use the "search" bar to be able to search on a specific customer by name, email or phone number.

Select on the customer's account which should show you the customers details, appointments & memberships:

In this page, on the memberships tab, you can:

  1. See the name of any plan they have purchased.

  2. See the current billing period of their subscription. The first billing period begins the day they first purchase their subscription.

  3. Cancel the subscription

  4. Update Payment

  5. Edit Membership : if you need to apply a credit to the next month's payment. If the next payment is $49, and you choose to apply a $20 credit, the next charge will be for $29. Or if you need to change the customer's subscription:

***If you need to add a new membership, click on the (+) plus button beside the membership within the customer's account:

Select on the plan:

You should be able to add the customer's card information or use the existing card within the customer's account:

Optional: you can also use or apply a discount to the membership purchased by the customer. This would allow you to apply the promo code that you have set up for memberships or indicate a discounted price.


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