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How can my customers purchase memberships?
How can my customers purchase memberships?

Once you have set up membership plans, your customers can purchase a subscription.

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To learn more about how to set up memberships, see this article.

On the Set Up Tab > Memberships, you will also find a link where your customers can purchase subscriptions to your membership plan.

This page follows the style of your FlexBooker online booking form.

Once the customer has selected a membership, they will be prompted to log in or create a new account:

The customer is then prompted for a credit card to confirm their subscription. This card will be charged for the first billing period immediately, then automatically from then on.

Optionally, the customer can enter one of your pre-configured promo codes for a special discount. Learn more about membership promo codes.

Once the credit card has been entered and charged, the customer is presented with a confirmation screen:

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