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How do I create and manage membership plans?
How do I create and manage membership plans?

Create monthly, weekly, or annual membership plans so customers can purchase access to your services.

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To get started with memberships, navigate to Set Up Tab > Memberships > Get started Now.

You will have the option to set up different membership plans on the account, select on the "new plan" button:

This brings up a form allowing you to create different membership plans (e.g. Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

You will have the option to add the following information:

  • Plan name

  • Description (of the plan)

  • Recurring price for your membership plan

  • "Renews every" - allows you to indicate when the auto-charge would recur, either per week, per month, per quarter, or per year.

  • Carryover Unused Appointments - if a customer doesn't use all their allotted appointments in a given time period, does the allotment carry over to the next period?

  • Length of Trial Period - (optional) leave this field blank to have no trial period for this membership.

  • Suspend After Days of Failed Payments - how long may the customer continue booking appointments under their membership after their stored credit card fails when their monthly payment is due. Credit cards often fail temporarily, so it's a good idea to offer a short grace period for the customer before suspending their membership.

  • Membership Allowances - how many appointments (or for how many minutes) should your members be able to book within each billing period.

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