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Fixed Time Schedule
Setting up a Fixed Time schedule
Setting up a Fixed Time schedule
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We suggest that you utilize a fixed time schedule if :

  1. you need to specify exact available times (eg. you have a Yoga class every Tuesday at 7AM and 10 AM for 10 attendees)

  2. you need to book multiple customers in one session

To add a fixed time schedule, under your "Set Up" page choose on "Schedules", and click on the "Add New Schedule" button:

Choose on the "Create" button against the Fixed time schedule label:

***Note: You can only use one schedule type per service (you can choose between a fixed time or a flexible time schedule for each service)***

Upon choosing the Fixed time option, this would lead you to another page, where you are allowed to add the details of the event:

  1. You can add the service associated with this schedule

  2. Add the employee (optional)

  3. Add Maximum number of customers per session, this is ideal for groups/classes, where you can accommodate multiple customers at one timeslot or session

When you are done adding these details, you can then add a recurring weekly or fixed dates/times schedule:

If you are available at Sundays every 7PM, you can add 7PM on the blank box against the Sundays label, automatically, the system would compute the exact duration time of the schedule (there is no need to add an end time).

Make sure to hit "Save Fixed Time Schedule" to save changes made.

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