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Setting up a Flexible Schedule
Setting up a Flexible Schedule
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We suggest that you utilize a flexible schedule if you are looking to be available in time ranges each weekday you or your staff can perform their assigned service/s. For example:

"John Smith is available to perform 45-Minute Massages and 60-Minute Massages every Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM - and customers are able to book in between those available times"

To set this up, under your "Set Up" page choose on "Schedules" and click on the "Add New Schedule" button:

Choose on the "Create" button against the Flexible schedule option:

***Note: You can only use one schedule type per service (you can choose between a fixed time or a flexible time schedule for each service)***

This would then allow you to choose on the employee (click on the "Choose" button against the employee you want to assign the schedule to):

Upon choosing the employee, this would then allow you to set up your available times either for a recurring schedule or a fixed times/dates:

When you are done with adding your available times, this would then allow you to set any buffer times for your schedule (you can either choose between taking back to back appointments or setting up buffer times for the schedule):

Click on the next page, where you can select/deselect which service/s this schedule would be associated with:

Make sure to click on the "Finish" button on the right hand side of the page to save any changes.

After saving the schedule, you will be able to see the available "advanced options" (these are all optional settings and can be left unchecked if not needed):

1.Secondary employee: this allows you to assign another employee within the schedule. For example, if you are looking to book 2 employees in one appointment, this is a great solution for you. Once the primary employee is booked, the system would automatically block off the secondary employee's schedule at the same time.

2.Keep appointments together: this means that if you are available from 3pm-7pm and you have appointments that are 1 hour long, if someone books a 5pm appointment then the next person to book will be given the options of 4pm and 6pm, not 3pm and 7pm.

3.Allow group booking: you may accommodate group bookings, the system will then allow you to indicate the max group booking size. For eg. you can allow 3 people to book in the same time, although, this can only allow one person to book for the entire group and doesn't allow multiple people to book at the same time:

You can also set up booking intervals, click on the link below for more information:

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