The setup wizard

When you first sign up for a FlexBooker trial account, we will walk you through a short "setup wizard" to get some core pieces of information needed to start using your account.

First, we will ask you to list your services. Don't worry too much about getting a complete list together, you can add, remove, and edit your services later. We just need a starting list so that we can start to create your schedules together.  Check out this article for more information about services.

The second part of the wizard is to enter the other staff members in your company. To keep things simple in FlexBooker, anyone that you want to give access to FlexBooker to is entered as a staff member. If there is no schedule setup for a staff member then you can think of them as simply users - they won't be visible to end users, and appointments won't be booked for them. If you set up a schedule for a staff member then you can think of them as employees - people will be able to book appointments for them.

As you enter staff members we will automatically send them an invitation email. This email will contain a link that they can click on to set up their password.

Want to set permissions for different users?

You can absolutely do that! Once you've completed the wizard, you can edit any staff member and assign specific permissions for what they can and cannot do in your FlexBooker account. We don't get into permissions in the wizard to keep things simple to get started.

The final part of the wizard is setting up schedules. There are two types of schedule in FlexBooker: Fixed Time Schedules and Flexible Schedules. This video describes the difference between the two types:

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